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Our experience and logistics services allow the transport of goods with the greatest speed and security.

Logistics services


Best Logistics Canarias connects the Canary Islands with the mainland by means of one of the best freight forwarding services. We use our intermodal transport service (combination of land and sea transport) together with our air transport service.

Our head office is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, from where we have full capacity to offer logistics and transport solutions for your shipments from the Canary Islands to the mainland and even inter-island transport with maximum security and speed.

We have regular traffic between the peninsula and the Canary Islands. We offer you logistic solutions such as groupage, full 20′ and 40′ containers, customs management, inter-island transport by means of our own fleet of goods trucks, logistic storage of goods, goods transport insurance, and personalized advice by means of our team of experts in international trade.

Freight forwarding

Door to door freight forwarding allows our customers to benefit from the transport of goods from anywhere in the Canary Islands to the rest of the world. At Best Logistics Canarias we take care of the whole process so that our customers only have to worry about their business.

We ship all types of goods except dangerous goods.

This freight forwarding service departs every Friday from Tenerife in a 45 feet container to Madrid, there once the customs clearance is done, the shipment is sent to any point of the peninsula or the world.

The estimated time for the transport of goods from the Canary Islands to the mainland is 5 days. Leaving on Fridays from Tenerife and arriving in Madrid on Thursdays, during those 5 days of transit plus customs clearance we have a total of 6 days to leave in delivery to the destination selected by the customer.

The quotation of the shipment of goods will depend on the characteristics of the cargo: dimensions, volume, weight, place of pick up and delivery.

We also recommend our customers to pre-alert at least one day in advance, i.e. on Thursdays, since it is necessary to include the time of collection of the goods and the planning of how to cube the container.

Finally, the payment of the taxes will be made when the goods arrive in Madrid and this will depend on its commercial value.


Transporting a car to the Canary Islands

To transport your vehicle from the peninsula to the Canary Islands you can do it in two ways. The first is to travel with your vehicle by ferry, which translates into a 2-day boat trip. Or a second option, which is to send your vehicle in a container.

At Best Logistics Canarias we transport vehicles by container from mainland Spain to the Canary Islands. Our door to door service allows our customers to send their vehicle from anywhere on the peninsula, without having to travel.

In addition, our experience in the land transport and maritime transport sector, added to the fact that we ship from two main ports such as Seville and Barcelona, guarantees our customers the fastest transport and shipment of their vehicle to the Canary Islands archipelago.


Car transport canary islands - peninsula

The same transport service in reverse. We carry out the transport door to door from any point of the archipelago to any point of the peninsula.

In Best Logistics Canarias we take care of picking up your vehicle at any point of the Canary Islands, to transport it by container by sea and its delivery at any point of the peninsula, it’s that simple. Having a large land fleet allows us to pick up the vehicle from anywhere in the Canary Islands and ship it to our headquarters in Tenerife. Our maritime transport network allows our 45-foot containers to leave for Madrid every Friday. We take care of their transport and customs clearance for their subsequent delivery to the location selected by the customer.

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