Transport of goods between Canary Islands


At Best Logistics Canarias we are experts in the transport of goods in the archipelago. Our experience and extensive land fleet guarantees door to door transport in a safe and fast way.

Transport agency

In Best Logistics Canarias we have our own fleet of transport trucks with which we give a complete service to our customers, we take care of the collection and delivery of goods at origin and destination.

Land transport

Having our own fleet of vehicles allows us to adapt to the needs of our customers and the characteristics of the cargo. Performing the service from end to end provides a plus of security, guarantee and a better price.


In BEST LOGISTICS CANARIAS we have several warehouses with more than 10.000m2 usable for unloading containers, storing and handling goods of all kinds. You can deposit in our warehouses your goods in transit in the islands, as well as use our space to deposit your goods and subcontract the distribution and storage services.

This way, you will save costs in terms of warehousing and personnel costs to manage them. Let the leaders in distribution in the Canary Islands take care of everything and you focus on your business, more information about warehousing.


Transport company

At Best Logistic Canarias we give you the opportunity to transport your goods in containers of different owners or recipients, or that only transport the goods you want.

It is here where the doubt of which can be the best option regarding the maritime transport of your merchandise begins. You can contact us if you wish to advise you on the most convenient way to transport your goods in the Canary Islands.

Likewise, we will offer you the main differences between Groupage and FCL.


The groupage or also known as Less Container Load (LCL) is a container that transports goods from several shippers. It is also documented in the acronym LCL which reflects that these containers are loaded in a shared way with other goods from other owners or consignees. These containers are loaded at the airport terminal, port or auto-terminal and unloaded at the point of arrival or destination.


The FCL (Full Conainer Load) method of transportation consists of loading a full container with a shipper’s own cargo. Full container with a single shipper’s goods. Consequently, it is documented with the acronym FCL which reflects that these containers are loaded in its entirety with its own merchandise. These goods are loaded at the exporter’s warehouse and emptied at the importer’s warehouse.


Freight forwarding

Discover our video on transport services between Canary Islands. Among the products or goods that we can transport between the Canary Islands you can find:

  • Transport of animals between Canary Islands
  • Transport of vehicles between Canary Islands
  • Transport of motorcycles between Canary Islands
  • Transport of household goods or removals between canary islands Maritime transport between canary islands
  • Maritime transport between canary islands

The Canary Islands is a market divided into 8 islands but well connected by three main companies. One does it by air, Binter Canarias and two others by sea; Fred Olsen and another one Naviera Armas.

Thanks to the unbeatable connections of the islands, a modern fleet of trucks and more than 10,000 square meters of warehouse, we can offer you a fast, efficient and safe door to door delivery.

Video transport between the Canary Islands Best Logistics Canarias

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