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Customer experience Better With Best

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The customer experience is already a fundamental part in any logistics company, it is vital that those who have already trusted us once are willing to do it again. Loyalty to the customer is a value that will allow our business to grow.

In the buying process, exactly the same thing happens, and even goes further: the purchase process consists of several steps from when the customer places his order on the web or in the application until he receives the product at home. And it is precisely the waiting time from the last click to the delivery of the shipment, which generates the highest expectations. To help us improve your experience, giving the customer real-time information on where your product is located can make a difference for us to repeat with us. We can and must give information in a direct, effective and, above all, transparent manner, which translates into an increase in the trust that it places in our business.


To provide this information there are different platforms:

Ship locators: technology for loyalty

With the improvements in GPS technology and monitoring, it is possible that the customer can be informed at all times of the status of your order and its exact location.

These technologies manage to put an end to many of the uncertainties that assail the customer from the moment of purchase, until they have the order in their hands.

We speak of applications that detail each of the states through which the shipment passes with a technique that has been based on the open data policy, making available to the customer the data that already had the logistic companies to operate.

Custom alerts

Our pace of life does not allow us to be consulting every time the status of our order. That’s why the ability to customize an alert system that tells us by text message or other means of communication (such as an email) the states that our order is going through.

The customer portals

At this point, the client is not satisfied with being a spectator of the delivery process, but demands to be able to influence it to adapt it to their needs.

The increasingly broad delivery options and the huge range of delivery times (which has ended up including, even on Sundays or super urgent delivery in 1 or 2 hours), make that there is an adequate solution for each client. In addition, the delivery must be flexible, to the point that there is the possibility of changing the delivery options during the same process, since any unforeseen events in the client’s day-to-day can disrupt the initial plan and what is important, in the end, is to receive the shipment.


The customer portals include, in general, systems that allow to follow both the order status and the delivery in real time if the delivery is that same day, also offering the option to calculate the estimated delivery time or the specific time slot. .

The improvement in the customer experience

What does it take for us to have all these tools? Well, something as decisive as the client shows greater confidence in the logistics company thanks to transparency. Being informed at all times strengthens a closer relationship in an area as important as the last mile deal.

All this is part of an improvement in the customer experience through the study of their behavior, the changes made, the order preferences and the general assessment of the services provided by the logistics company.

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